Land junction of Liverpool Lawn and Adelaide Gardens, Ramsgate

Project Summary

  • This site was located within the Ramsgate Conservation Area close to a number of Grade II listed buildings.
  • The project involved the demolition of a corner bungalow and its replacement with a series of 8 townhouses.
  • Pre-application discussions were held with officers and local amenity societies and a presentation was made to the South East Regional Design Panel (SERDP) who independently audited the design.
  • The main planning issues included the design, scale, siting of the redevelopment proposal and the lack of parking and garden space.
  • The scheme was refused by members due to the level of local opposition but was successfully secured when an appeal Inspector agreed with the evidence presented by Hume Planning.
  • The recently completed development project (shown above) whilst a high density scheme is now generally considered to represent an enhancement of the streetscene.
  • This example helps to show how an individually tailored scheme together with high quality execution of the detailing by the builder can secure positive change.

Site Layout Allowed at Appeal

After Planning: Current View of site with the 5 new townhouses identified by the brick bay projections and 3 townhouses within the rendered corner feature.

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