August 10, 2023

Summer 2023 Smaller Projects Update

Trustytec, Folkestone Road, Dover

In July 2023, Hume Planning Consultancy secured delegated approval for the erection of an additional building for MOT testing and servicing of vehicles as part of their existing operations. The approval will enable Trustytec to carry out Class 7 MOT testing (for light commercial goods vehicles weighing between 3 and 3.5 tonnes), alongside the current Class 4 testing (cars and light vans) at the site, our Practice is pleased to support an existing local business within the District.

Former Mushroom Farm, Manston

The Practice recently secured permission to vary an existing consent for the creation of new employment and storage buildings at this existing commercial site in Manston. The amendments will enable the units to be occupied by smaller scale businesses in order to reflect market demands and provide a high quality appearance and material finish to the buildings once complete.

Manwood Grange, Sandwich

Following advice on planning strategy, Hume Planning Consultancy effectively secured prior approval for the change of use from a boarding school house within the ground of Sir Roger Manwood’s School to use a dedicated Sixth Form Centre for the School. The Prior Approval decision issued in June 2023 therefore provides an excellent opportunity to readdress the balance of Sixth Form provision at the school in re-purposing the building for school use. We wish Sir Roger Manwood’s the best of luck in bringing the conversion forward.

Sports Pitch at Sir Roger Manwood’s

Hume Planning acted on behalf of the School on two recent applications following on from an earlier permission in April 2022 for the construction of a sports pitch, along with a new sports pavilion and ancillary works. Upon further detailed investigations, the School sought to make changes to the sports pitch to enable multi-sports use and to provide functional improvements to the pitch design, including the creation of ancillary storage for outdoor sports equipment, a spectator area adjacent to the pitch and recessed goals.

In addition, a dedicated footpath across the playing fields towards the sports pitch was required for improved accessibility. Hume Planning successfully achieved permission for a Minor Material Amendment to the sports pitch as well as a separate application for the creation of the new footpath via delegated approval in May 2023. Construction is due to commence on the proposals shortly which will be a great addition to the sports provision at the School once complete.

Mulberry Cottage, Lydd

In January 2023, Hume Planning Consultancy was successful in securing detailed planning consent for seven family dwellings at an edge of village site in Lydd. The Practice were involved in co-ordinating several technical consultants, including flood risk, heritage and ecology, in order to find technical solutions and negotiate with the planning officers to achieve officer support, with the application later approved at Planning Committee.

Buckingham Road, Broadstairs

Hume Planning Consultancy worked with Officers at Thanet District Council in order to secure delegated approval for the conversion of long vacant retail space into two dwellings within the town centre of Broadstairs. The change of use application forms part of a wider conversion-led and mixed use development where construction is underway for residential units, holiday lets and a boutique hotel in the heart of the town.

Tower House, Westgate-On-Sea

Hume Planning has recently secured planning permission for the redevelopment of underutilised classroom space, formerly associated with St Augustine’s College and Abbey School into two bungalows through delegated approval by Thanet District Council.

The site is situated to the rear of Tower House, which is a Grade II listed building, recently converted to apartments, it is located within the conservation area and is surrounded by trees to the East and West. Hume Planning worked alongside the architect and technical consultants in order to put forward a scheme which has been found to be acceptable by TDC officers in terms of principle, design, heritage, amenity, trees and ecology. This permission will enable the efficient re-use of previously developed land and the addition of two bungalows towards the District’s housing supply.


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